Lending Parameters


 Acquisition & Development of Real Estate

Rate & Points Starting at 0 Points & 9.99%*
Property Type  Single-family, Multi-family, condos/townhouses, Commercial (case by case) and New Construction
Occupancy  Non-Owner Occupied
Down Payment  Minimum 15% – 25% of Acquisition Price
Underwriting LTV not to exceed 70% of After Repair Value x LTC not to exceed 85%
Personal Guarantees Required
Eligible Borrower Type LLC’s or Corporation’s only
Pre-Payment Penalty   None
Yield Maintenance  None
FICO  660+
Loan Amount  $150,000 – $10,000,000
Track Record Two Completed deals within the past 24 months.
Appraisal Method Broker In-House Valuation and 3rd Party Appraisals

*Rates and points based on deal and borrower experience 

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