Fast, Flexible, Reliable Financing

We understand that when you need to bring your project to fruition, you need to cut through all the red tape. Our team can approve your funding quickly and efficiently so you can get your project underway. Whether you are a real estate investor or commercial contractor, we will have our team service your loan in-house with simple soft terms. Conquest works on a reimbursement style funding. When work is completed, we will inspect it, release the appropriate amount of funds and work flexibly with our borrowers when the unexpected happens. We strive to become your business partner and help you with all of your project needs.


We deliver. Conquest focuses on speed, accuracy, and flexibility. We know when you have an important real estate transaction, you need fast answers and quick closings. Whether you’re an experienced investor, commercial contractor or a first-time borrower, we can help you cut through the red tape, quickly set up your loan and help you execute your deal. We consistently provide real estate capital to all sorts of investors so their project can get off the ground in a timely manner. Let us help you with your next project and work towards creating a strong business relationship.

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